Experience renewed purpose and body ease,

even if you’re an older adult

or are suffering due to health challenges & body issues

My name is Elizabeth and I create safe and sacred environments where women can learn how to transform pain and body challenges into wellbeing.

This little photo of me, taken in 2010, portrays the image of perfect health.

Indeed, if you met me for the first time today you’d see a woman living a full life as a swimmer, dancer, bodyworker, and movement teacher.

But you would hardly imagine I am a cancer and fibromyalgia survivor who has recovered from an eating disorder and an alcohol addiction that started in my teens.

With 36 years of sobriety and a clean bill of health, I truly know what it’s like to transform suffering into grace.

As a nurse, spiritual guide and body worker I know that true healing happens when we address our whole self – mind, body and soul – not just the obvious symptoms that cause us to seek medical attention. That’s because a woman is far more than an aging body that creaks and moans.

Whether you have discomfort due to age, chronic illness like fibromyalgia or cancer, an eating disorder like bulimia, or shyness that prevents you from getting the help you need to be healthy, there is hope.

In my work I’ve seen:

  • 80-year-olds dance like 20 year olds.
  • People who lived in pain transform their bodies into temples of joy.
  • Women with eating disorders heal their mind-body-spirit connection and find lasting health.

If you’re ready to have this type of transformation and learn more about the simple and joyful programs I offer, call me at 415-456-0931 to schedule a free 30-minute session where we can explore your current situation, your desires and a way to create an authentic healing path for you that will take you from just getting by to living with grace.

"Elizabeth's Movement Class helps 80 year olds move like 20 year olds!"

What a difference a class makes! I feel invigorated and ready to embrace life in a way I never have before.